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Pogoda UM Meteo

iOS · Swift presents the weather forecast in the form of readable meteograms for many years. Many users value it for precision and high reliability. The application makes access to the forecast in UM and COAMPS models fast and convenient. Apart from using a web browser, users can save favorite locations, which enables faster access to data. Also, the up-to-date synoptic comment is available in the application.


iOS · Android · Swift · Kotlin

Autumn and winter season in Bochnia, Poland is a period of fighting with air pollution and smog. Don’t let it ruin your health and plan your activities in the way, which allows you to avoid exposing yourself to highest pollution levels. With this app you can easily check when it is save to spend some time outside.


Teaching & Talks

Mobile Systems - Introduction to Apple iOS

AGH UST · 04.2015 and 05.2016 · Kraków

An University project that involved preparing a lecture and a series of excersises for sudents to get them familiar with iOS ecosystem. Classes included both high-level iOS overview and practical tasks involving Objective-C and Swift.

  • Materials and excersises (in 🇵🇱 Polish) available on Gitlab

Usability for developers

BIT Scientific Group, AGH UST · 17.11.2014 · Kraków

A series of lectures for CS students touching Usability and User Experience topics with focus on mobile application design. The course provides basic skills related to Usability Engineering and mobile UI design.

Being Steve…Everything you want to know about iOS development

BIT Scientific Group, AGH UST · 29.10.2014 · Kraków

An entry-level talk for Computer Science sudents group presenting general aspects of developing apps for iOS, system principles, design guideliness and available developer tools.